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Introduction » Bands » G » Gore » GORE A Journey into Grotesque vol. 1


GORE A Journey into Grotesque vol. 1


Product no.: CD-gore-CO-011
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Style: goregrind

Label: Bizarre Leprous Production

Release date: 2020


  • Tales Of Horror Mask
  • Stench Of Carbonized Tissue II
  • Massive Systematic Disorder
  • Bite It You Scum
  • Complex Anatomy Illustrations Prognosis
  • Intra Abdominal Injures Case
  • Metastases To The Genital Tract
  • Genesis Of Diseases
  • Six Minutes After Dead
  • Raw Meat Eaters
  • The Fifth Stage Of Death
  • Organs, Cavities Begins Liquify
  • Filthy Visions of Saprophite Eruption
  • Sickest Experience
  • Cenotaph
  • T.I.P.S.
  • The Fifth Stage Of Death
  • Filthy Viisions Of Saprophites Eruption
  • Greatest Mass Maggots Activity
  • Organs, Cavities Begin To Liquify
  • Advanced Decay And The Skeletonization
  • The Morbid Anomalies Collections
  • Degerative Embrional Remnants
  • Scary Stories
  • Missing Bodies Parts
  • Pungent Aroma Of The Bodily Fluids
  • Delicous And Opulent Decay
  • Exaltation the Anatomical Pathogenis Performance
  • Eater Worlds
  • Stench Of Carbonized Tissue I
  • Maggotified Entrails
  • Gruesome Pus Eruption
  • Puke Bubbles
  • Septic Gourging


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