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LIVIDITY Perverseverance


Product no.: CD-lividity-05
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"Perverseverance" is the 7th full length album after nine years of active life and playing. It finds LIVIDITY on a quest for world domination. It´s a music with deep impact on human mind. The stories are shocking, majestic and disturbing compositions from the first note to the last one. This will be the ultimate shock album for the masses.

Playing time: 35:54

Style: brutal death metal

Label: Metal Age Production

Released: 2018


  • Kill Then Fuck
  • The Pussy Horde
  • Meat for the Beast
  • Cumming with Labial Pulp
  • Whore Destroyer
  • Bitch Cunt Fuck
  • Violated in the Vatican
  • Parasitic Infestation
  • Something's Dead
  • Tampered Flesh
  • Pussy Lover-Salvation
  • Perverseverance


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