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LIVIDITY Used, Abused, and Left for Dead


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The third studio album of brutal death metallers LIVIDITY. With this record these maniacs have confirmed their rising quality. To this day "Used, Abused, and Left for Dead" is considered one of the top albums of the band. Just like with the other re-editions done by Metal Age this one also features brand new graphic layout!

Playing time: 34:38

Style: brutal death metal

Label: Metal Age Production

Released: reedition 2018, original 2002


  • Raped for Rent
  • Gore Epitomite
  • Seven19
  • Deviant Pleasures
  • The Cumming of the Trilogy (Pussy Lover Pt. 3)
  • Exhibition of Carnage
  • Used, Abused and Left for Dead
  • Hero of Dementia
  • No Time for Lube
  • Stench of Virginity
  • The Urge to Splurge
  • Bound in Skin
  • Phallic Beat Down


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