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LIVIDITY Fetish for the Sick & Rejoice in Morbidity


Product no.: CD-lividity-ep-02
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Reissue of the first two EPs by US brutal death metal squad LIVIDITY. Enjoy "Rejoice in Morbidity" (originally 1996)  and "Fetish for the Sick" (originally 1997) in one CD!

Playing time: 29:30

Style: brutal death metal

Label: Metal Age Production

Released: 2015


  • Lacerations of an Unclean Twat
  • Feasting on Mankind
  • Immortal Impact
  • Randomly Raped Rectum
  • Graveyard Delicacy
  • Pussy Lover
  • Brains for Lubrication
  • Devour Humanity
  • My Cock It Bleeds
  • Process of Disembowelment
  • Rectal Wench (Balls Deep Version)
  • Tampered Flesh
  • Rectal Wench
  • Fetal Scabs
  • Orifice Reconstruction


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